Company profile
  • Product Information
Corporate name
Sugiyama Industries Co., Ltd.
Start of business
November 1948
October 1952
Motonori Sugiyama -Managing Director
Business line-up
Industrial vehicle parts/Engine parts
Construction machine parts/Industrial machine Parts
Annual sales
Yen4.1billion (fiscal year 2022)
Head office factory
Oyabu 2627-1 Anpachigun Wanouchicho, Gifu Pref.
Major client companies
Toyota Industries Corporation, KOMATSU Ltd.,
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd., Mitsubishi Logisnext Co., Ltd.,
Nabtesco Corporation, Sumitomo Heavy Industries Ltd.
November 1948
Founded as Sugiyama Toothed Wheel Factory
October 1949
Start-up business with Toyota Industries Corporation
October 1952
Reorganized to be Sugiyama Industries Co., Ltd.
April 1979
Start-up business with KOMATSU Ltd.,
April 1989
Start-up business with Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd.
October 2003
Launched Iwakura Factory, start integration of factories
February 2004
Thermal treatment factory completed
March 2004
Obtained ISO14001 authentication
March 2006
Obtained ISO09001 authentication
June 2014
It changed the company's name to Sugiyama Industries Co., Ltd.
May 2018
Transfer completed to new factory