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Terms of Service(Handing of Personal Information)

Prior to applying for the service, please read Handing of Personal Information and agree to its contents.

Handing of Personal Information

Sugiyama Industries Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as the “Company”) deeply recognizes that personal information handled by the Company is material information constituting customers’ privacy and pledges to meet their expectation on and confidence in the Company by all employees’ observing laws and regulations pertaining to protection of personal information and the Company’s internal policy. The details shall be set forth below based on the following policy for management and operation of the handling of personal information.

<Acquisition, Use and Provision of Personal Information>

When the Company acquire, use and provide personal information, it shall identify the purposes of use of such information, notify individuals of such purposes, obtain their consent, and then acquire, use and provide such information to the extent necessary for achievement of such purposes. It shall take appropriate measures to prevent acquisition, use, and provision beyond the necessity of achievement of such purposes. It shall also not acquire personal information in a way that individuals cannot easily recognize or in a fraudulent and illicit manner.

<Observation of Laws and Ordinances, Guidelines and Other Policies Stipulated by the Japanese Government>

The Company shall comply with the Personal Information Protection Law and laws and ordinance pertaining to the handling of personal information and guidelines and other policies established the Japanese government.

<Prevention of Leakage, Loss and Damage of Personal Information and Corrective Measures>

The Company shall prevent leakage and loss of and damage to personal information by fully recognizing and analyzing risks of the handling of personal information and taking necessary and reasonable safety management measures.
In addition, it shall take corrective measures without delay as soon as it finds any risks that may lead to leakage, loss and damage of personal information.

<Disclosure of Personal Information, etc. and Inquiries Desk>

The Company accepts requests from individuals in connection with the handling of their personal information in the possession of the Company; namely, a request to disclose and notify his/her of the purpose of use, correct, add, delete and erase the contents thereof, halt the usage thereof, and halt the provision of personal information to a third party (correctively called “disclosure, etc.”)
Please see the following “Complaints on Personal Information and Inquiries Desk” for the desk that will accept your request for disclosure, etc.

<Notes on Entering Personal Information>

It is not mandatory to provide information other than required items. However, if the information concerned is not provided, the Company may not appropriately provide the service as requested in relation to posted employment information.

<Complaints Handling and Disclosure of Requested Information>

The following inquiries desk will receive complaints from individuals themselves on personal information to be acquired by the Company and requests for disclosure of such information.

<Complaints on Personal Information and Inquiries Desk>

Sugiyama Industries Co., Ltd.
Personal information protection manager Motonori Sugiyama

〒 503-0202
2627-1 Oyabu Wanouchi-cho, Ampachi-gun, Gifu Pref.
TEL (0584) 76-5892
(Reception time 8:00~17:00)

<Continued Improvement on Personal Information Protection System>

The Company will continuously improve its personal information protection system to take full account of the technology trend, social situations in personal information protection, and the contents of any comments and complaints garnered from home and abroad.

Established:January 1, 2015
Motonori Sugiyama -Managing Director