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Corporate Philosophy

Quality- first, Customer-first Technical renovation Participation across the Company

Fully endeavor to manufacture our products satisfactory to customers.

Since the start-up of our business in 1948, we have been fully endeavoring to manufacture our products satisfactory to customers with implementation of belt-tightening measures while improving and instructing technologies, having “Quality-first, Customer-first, technical innovation, participation across the Company, Move on together to prosper together” in mind as the Corporate philosophy.

Top message

A Company is its people

The key to the development of a company is to develop human resources. Having this concept and mutual trust as the basis in mind we endeavor to work out ingenuity, aiming to gain and share the pleasure of creation across the Company.

Concurrently, we activate our work place to realize global quality production, good customer services, new crafting technology, building innate quality of employees in order to generate future vision of our Company.

Further to the above, we aim to have better capacity to propose our products satisfactory to customers using our comprehensive strength cultivated through our day-to-day activities . We have a solid brief of becoming an environment –friendly Company.

Masayasu Sugiyama Managing director Sugiyama Industries Co., Ltd.