Production process
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Line production

We are adopting one-piece-at-a-time line production for mass-produced products.
“High quality” and “Short lead time” production, which is achieved by one-piece-at-a-time production, meet our customers’ needs.


Job-Shop production

We are adopting job-shop production with versatile process for high-mix low-volume production.
Gear cutting by cutting process, machining process, hobbing, gear shaper and broaching as well as each process such as cylindrical grinder and gear grinder are used to meet various needs of customers.


Assembly process

We have structured a system that enables an integrated production from gear manufacturing to assembling, which make it possible for us to supply a high quality and high efficiency fabrication process to customers.
By implementing a whole manufacturing process ranging from procurement of materials, processing and assembling of gears and cases, cleaning, inspection, and shipment, we meet our customers’ needs in quality, delivery time, and costs by maximizing our organizational strength.


Quenching by vacuum carburizing furnace

Heat-treat operation is one of essential processing technologies for manufacturing.
We started vacuum carburizing treatment using vacuum carburizing furnaces in 2004.
In 2008, we built additional furnace. A total of 3 furnaces bolstered our integrated manufacturing capacity.
In 2016, with the relocation to Wanouchi Factory, we built additional 2 vacuum carburizing furnaces, which has increased the number of our furnaces to 5 in total.
Newly built furnaces can handle highly concentrated carburization process. Compared to conventional carburization process, they can produce higher quality steel that features higher surface hardness, improved resistance to wear and pitting, and improved fatigue strength.
Further, introduction of an automated warehousing system enables us to carry on unattended round-the-clock operations, which has contributed to building up our production capacity.